Enabling European banks to offer digital currency trading.

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Digital currency is an exciting new asset class with growing awareness among retail investors and the general public, especially the increasingly valuable millennial demographic.

To serve this growing retail demand, financial institutions across Europe are making the decision to offer digital currency trading via their existing platforms. With the right liquidity partner, barriers to entry are relatively low for a suitably regulated institution, creating a new revenue stream within just a few weeks.

Why offer trading?

Create a new
revenue stream.

Attract hard-to-reach

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Why use a liquidity provider?

Dealing directly with
a digital currency exchange
creates multiple pain points.

Bank / Trading

  • Liquidity
  • High Fees
  • Non-Negotiable
  • Lack of
  • Risk
  • Difficult

Digital Currency

Trying to access better liquidity by dealing with several exchanges only multiplies the pain.

A liquidity provider solves pain points. Creates benefits.

  • Deep liquidity avoid having to pre-fund digital currency exchanges and instead access and manage liquidity effectively and efficiently.

  • Low or no fees avoid high transaction fees and instead benefit from our trading volume and access to the lowest fee tiers; avoid altogether fees for the deposit or withdrawal of cash.

  • Limited risk avoid the counterparty risk associated with pre-funding accounts; avoid cash leaving the EU; avoid compromising custody of digital currency.

  • Institutional-grade customer service avoid non-negotiable and non-banking-compliant processes and protocols and instead rely on our knowledge and understanding of financial institutions, compliant protocols and professional customer service.

  • Easy integration avoid costly and time-consuming integration with digital currency exchanges and instead integrate one service swiftly and efficiently.

  • Digital currency knowhow avoid pitfalls in implementation and optimisation due to inexperience. Instead benefit from knowledge and experience gained over years working with digital currency and exchanges.

Our Mission

At B4C we’re excited by the growing global user-base of digital currency and committed to helping provide greater market access. Right now this means enabling existing European financial institutions to offer digital currency trading to their customers.

Everything we do is supported by a combination of focussed products, institutional knowhow, and client value. The result is low-cost, low-risk trading, accessible to all.