Prime Access

Open up digital currency trading to a wider audience with Prime Access.

Market access and deep liquidity. Focussed on the needs of existing financial institutions, with a flexible API, seamless settlement and banking-grade protocols.

We understand what the end user wants, what will be the most popular and effective.

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Combining five key features.

  • Proprietary API available self-service or custom
  • Receive prices, access order books and place trades
  • Access deep liquidity in digital currencies
  • Focus on the most popular digital currencies, settled in EURO
  • Clients are free to integrate the custody provider best suited to their requirements

We avoid custody

Vendors with access to funds in custody have an incentive to dip into them to deepen their available liquidity.

Reduce risk by firewalling tradable funds from those in custody. Avoid liquidity providers who do not.

One vendor combining liquidity and custody


B4C Markets

Customer’s separate custodian

Swift Integration

Get up and running with
Swift Integration.

Delivered by understanding every angle of the institutional process, combined with every feature of digital currency exchanges

For each new prospective client - bank, retail trading platform or investment firm - we conduct a rapid feasibility assessment and recommend an approach.

Standard integration takes as little as three days, while custom completes in several weeks. Teams work jointly across IT, banking flows and compliance.


Complete five steps to integrate digital currency trading
and access the necessary liquidity.


B4C Guarantee

  • Tight spreads
  • Competitive fees
  • No minimum trade volumes
  • No exclusivity contracts*
  • Easy-access client service
  • Hotline for emergencies
  • Trading ‘circuit breaker’

*Clients are free to walk away at any point (It hasn’t happened yet).